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Day in the Life

Presenters: Rob Payne and Deena Balsdon, D + H Student Lending


Deena comes with over 14 years of experience working with Private Career Colleges. Prior to joining D+H her roles were Director of Student Finance and Regional Director of Student Finance. While working as Director and Regional Director Deena focused on process improvement, compliance and audit controls. Deena has also worked in a variety of different roles within a Private Career College such as, Director of Admissions and Acting Campus President. This has given Deena a lot of in depth knowledge from the schools perspective in relation to the Government Student loans delivery.   Since joining D+H over two years ago, Deena has changed how the Regional Team interacts with students and staff . Deena has been effective in driving change to delivery models of repayment sessions and expanding the services that the Regional Team offers. Deena is always striving to improve client and student engagement and satisfaction.

Rob is a strategic and insightful senior marketing executive. Rob has 20+ years of experience building brands and delivering strong business performance across highly competitive consumer product, technology, telecommunications and financial services. Rob leads communications and channel management at D+H Student Lending and was previously Leader of Consumer Engagement at Nestle Canada Inc. Rob is also a part time business studies instructor at Seneca College, and holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration from the The University of Western Ontario. Rob is also a Certified Advertising Agency Practitioner (CAAP).

Session Description

  • Provide an overview of our current communication cadence, by lifecycle with examples of creative.
  • EI services available through our Contact Centre and Regional Services team.
  • Recent / planned service enhancements at the NSLSC.
  • Updated data about service volumes, such as processing MSFAA, eCert, call centre, web and mail.

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