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The Power of Story: Co-authoring Change in Scholarship Administration

Presenters: Heather Cayouette (Universities Canada) and Jane Thompson (TD Scholarships)


Heather Cayouette: has worked in scholarship management for nearly ten years. For the past two years, she has managed the scholarship division at Universities Canada, and is responsible for the administration of over 130 different programs, providing around $11 million in awards funding each year.

Jane Thompson: has been the Executive Director of TD Scholarships since 2000. Twenty four-year scholarships are awarded every year, for innovative and extraordinary community leadership, each worth approximately $70,000. Jane sits on the board of the (U.S.) National Scholarship Providers Association. She holds a Ph.D. in women's history and is the author of the 2013 book "Resilient Woman: Weaving together Work, Family, and Self."

Session Description

Our presentation will present a case study of the great relationship between Universities Canada and TD Scholarships, a successful example of collaborative conversations. The case looks at the co-creation of a new selection process for TD Scholarships. Three aspects will interest the CASFAA audience:

  1. How do you build a successful, collaborative relationship with your partners in financial aid?
  2. How do you balance the power of story/narrative/anecdote with quantifiable variables in choosing recipients of aid?
  3. What can stakeholders inside educational institutions learn from those outside and vice versa?

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