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Handling Difficult Conversations

Presenter: Kent Highnam, Justice Institute of BC


Kent Highnam, Cert. ConRes., BA, MA, has a background in international and public relations with the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross. He has worked in public and private organizations as an instructor and practitioner in collaborative, interest-based processes in both English and French. A visiting lecturer at Simon Fraser University until 2012, Kent also has experience in human resources and labour relations issues. Kent is Program Director at the JIBC's School of Health and Community Social Justice and teaches for the Centre for Conflict Resolution as well as for the JIBC Law Enforcement Studies Diploma.

Session Description

This seminar presents an overview of the concepts and skills of collaborative conflict resolution. You will explore factors that lead to conflict escalation and those that can de-escalate conflict. You will have opportunities to identify and practice the attitudes and behaviours that lead to positive outcomes in conflict situations.

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