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Cross Institution Panel - Scholarships


  • Mariya Stefanova, Simon Fraser University (Facilitator)
  • Rosemary Cameron, University of Toronto
  • Susan Allward, University of Ontario, Institute of Technology
  • Lynette Runions, Mount Royal University


  1. Are scholarship decisions made by individuals or by committee(s)?
    1. If decisions are made by committee:
      1. How many members are on the committee?
      2. How are committee members selected (best practices)?
  2. How is academic merit incorporated into the decision-making process?

  3. Can students hold multiple scholarships?
    1. If yes, is there a maximum?
    2. Is this the same if the scholarship is renewable?
  4. Do you offer “exclusionary” awards for students (e.g. for males only/for females only; for international students from specific countries)?
    1. If yes, what is the rationale?
    2. How do these awards comply with your province’s Human Rights legislation?
    3. Are you involved in negotiating donor-based awards, particularly any restrictions and preferences you will have to comply with?
  5. Does your institution offer renewable admission scholarships to high achieving students?
    1. If yes, how do you ensure such a program is sustainable and affordable?
    2. What are your renewal requirements (e.g. GPA, course load)?
      1. If you do not require a full course load, why have you chosen this route and how has this impacted your budget?
    3. If a student loses their renewable scholarship, can they re-acquire it once they meet the criteria at a later date?
  6. How are institutions “spicing up” their scholarship offers in non-financial ways (e.g. priority registration, residence, etc.)?

  7. Do you facilitate other major award programs (e.g. Rhodes Scholarship, etc.)?

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