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Cross Institution Panel - Software


  • Cara Piperni, McGill University
  • Francis Brousseau, Université Laval
  • Manoj Bhakthan, Simon Fraser University


  1. How was your software selected? Was the decision based strictly on the needs of your office, or part of a larger (integrated) system selection?

  2. Describe the scope of your system, e.g. government aid administration, scholarships, institutional bursaries and other aid and award programs, etc.
  3. Has your institution customized or built add-ons to your software?
  4. Does your software have the ability to digitalize paperwork including self-service uploading of documents by students, scholarship referees, etc.?
  5. Does your software have the ability to match students (biographic/academic profiles) and specific awards (based on Terms of Reference criteria)?
  6. Does your software have the ability to provide electronic confirmation of enrolment for government financial aid?
  7. Can your software calculate multiple needs assessments?
  8. Do you have online applications?
  9. What kind of reporting and analytics does your software provide?
  10. In general, what are the top three best qualities. and the top three shortcomings of your software?
  11. What advice would you give to institutions embarking on a major software implementation?


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