#MakeArtWhileApart - Artists Celebrating Ramadan through Instagram

May 25, 2020

Arthur Liao
SFU Centre for Comparative Muslim Studies Research Assistant

This year, the month of Ramadan has looked very different as we stayed physically distant, following local health authorities’ safety precautions and guidelines. Despite these changes, the global Muslim community has gathered online to show their creativity, as Muslim artists, photographers, graphic designers, typographers, calligraphers, and more shared their art together online. 

In celebration of Eid al-Fitr, here are 4 Instagram art trends showcasing Muslim artistry on another successful year’s Ramadan:

  1. #7NightsUntilRamadan

    Illustrator @moosleemargh created a seven-day (or night!) drawing prompt challenge to count down towards the start of Ramadan 2020. She starts the series off with the moon.


    Instagrammer Muslim in Japan created sketches that are accessible to both Arabic and Japanese audiences during Ramadan under #7NightsUntilRamadan to celebrate their practice.

  2. #RamadanArtChallenge

    Discover Muslim artists who are creating pieces rich with meaning and colour at #RamadanArtChallenge.  


    A Ramadan greeting and reflection from artist @shirien.creates


    Artist @findyourcreativity created her own set of prompts to inspire herself over the 30 days.



    Inspired by the Quran, @dhanty98 creates digital paintings of her favourite Āyat (verses).

  3. #RamadanPhotoADay


    Along with traditional and digital art, Instagram users are celebrating Ramadan 2020 by showing off their photography skills and offering a peek into their personal lives with #RamadanPhotoADay.

    @fatima.m.studio gets creative with mixed media.


    Black and white shot by @mutablephotographer.


    @zeenatadamza captures patterns of light.


  4. @30DaysOfRamadan

    Beginning as an Instagram hashtag, #30DaysOfRamadan, designer Mustaali Raj (@mraj) turned the tag into its own account, highlighting Islamic design and connecting artists during the month of Ramadan. 


    Day 10 - دس by @muhaddisashahzad


    Day 20 by @nadabdalla


    Raj’s project was even featured on the official @instagram account!