Healing Together Virtual Exhibition

Welcome to our virtual art exhibition on Islamic History Month 2021. The theme of our exhibition is Healing Together: Overcoming Anti-Indigenous Racism and Islamophobia. This exhibition was held in person at SFU Harbour Center on October 28, 2021. It was followed by a reception in the evening where the artists were able to convene with community and present their work. We're happy to bring you a version of that exhibition and reception online. You can watch a video recording of the reception here and view pictures from the event here.

The diversity of Muslim art and cultural practices are not often highlighted or celebrated. This exhibition showcases art from Muslim artists across the Lower Mainland, ranging from illustration, to sculpture, to poetry, to painting. Through artistic expression, we explore healing in the face of anti-Indigenous racism and islamophobia. What does healing look like across space and culture? What work can we do in our communities to heal from the impact of bigotry and hatred? How can our communities center healing as a practice?

Click one of the links below to explore the art of Healing Together.