III Ibadi Summer School 2019

IBADI ISLAM: A Critical Examination of Sources

The 3rd Summer School on Ibadism took place at the Centre for Comparative Muslim Studies, Simon Fraser University (Vancouver -Canada) on 24-28 June 2019 (arrival on the 23rd and departure on the 29th), as a joint initiative of the Simon Fraser University-Centre for Comparative Muslim StudiesUniversity "L’Orientale" of Naplesthe Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the College of Sharī ‘a Sciences of the Sultanate of Oman.

The theme of the 3rd summer school is:

IBADI ISLAM: A Critical Examination of Sources

This summer school will survey and critically examine Ibadi sources, from the early period until the present. Students and researchers will become familiar with these sources, and understand the context in which they have developed and have been used.

In this perspective, the Summer School will address, in a comparative and multidisciplinary perspective, the following issues:

  • Presentation of Ibadi Sources, Past and Present
  • Ibadi Sources in the Context of the Broader Islamic Historiography
  • Ibadi Historical Narratives and Identity Construction
  • Historical Narrations and Historical appreciations

CLASSES SCHEDULE: The classes will be divided into a MORNING SESSION (from 9am to 1pm including break/s) and an AFTERNOON SESSION (from 2pm to 6pm including break/s).

READINGS: 7-10 readings will be distributed to the students about one month before the Summer School starts. They will include:

  1. Methodological sources/literature
  2. Seminal works dealing with the Summer School topics
  3. Ibadi sources/literature
  4. Heresiographical sources/literature
  5. Short Arabic texts

REQUIREMENTS: MA and PhD Students of all over the world are encouraged to participate. A background in Islamic studies is welcome.

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 12-14. Students from the USA and Canada are especially encouraged to apply.

LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS: All teaching, course materials and coursework will be in English. Students are required to have at least an intermediate level knowledge of English. Knowledge of Arabic is welcome.

COSTS: The Summer School will provide accommodation, meals and one excursion for the selected students. No tuition fees required. Travel expenses must be paid by the participants.

APPLICATIONS by March 03, 2019 Here: https://ibadistudies.org/index.php/summer-school/55-3rd-summer-school-student-application.

Successful candidates will be informed of the decision by March 30th, 2019. Further details will be provided directly to them via email.

SPEAKERS (alphabetic order):

  • Ersilia Francesca, Professor of History of Islamic countries
  • Adam Gaiser, Assoc. Professor of Religion
  • Amal Ghazal, University Professor, Director of the Centre for Comparative Muslim Studies
  • Valerie Hoffman, Professor of Islamic Thought
  • Ziyad al-Mawali, General Supervisor of the project of Distance Learning
  • Amyn Sajoo, Scholar-in-Residence at the Centre for Comparative Muslim Studies – SFU
  • Youcef Soufi, Lecturer in Islamic Studies, Department of Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies
  • Angeliki Ziaka, Associate Professor of Religion

Organizing Committee:   Dr. Amal Ghazal, Centre for Comparative Muslim Studies (Simon Fraser University), - Dr. Ersilia Francesca (University of Naples “L’Orientale”) - Dr. Angeliki Ziaka (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki).

The Ibadi Summer School Schedule

The schedule for the 2019 Ibadi Summer School can now be found in this booklet: