Surbhi Ratti at Farms to Campus initiative.

SFU Student Surbhi Ratti Helps Spearhead Food Rescue Initiative

October 21, 2020

By Caitlyn Waterhouse

In the midst of a pandemic that has split open and reordered the world as we knew it, the future very often feels uncertain. The fragility of this moment is felt perhaps most acutely by those who are in financial uncertainty and who depend upon non-profit organizations for their basic needs. Covid-19 has resulted in higher food prices and increased barriers to accessible, healthy food, jeopardizing an already vulnerable population.

Surbhi Ratti, third year SFU Resource and Environmental Management student, saw the increased need for food security initiatives as previously relied-upon organizations were forced to downsize in response to covid-19. Seeing this gap, she spearheaded the Farms to Campus initiative in her home community of Surrey.

The initiative provides low-cost fresh produce to SFU Surrey students by collecting produce from local grocery stores that would otherwise go unused as well as ‘rescuing’ vegetables from local farms.

Farms to Campus combines Surbhi’s passion for food security and interest in how land decisions impact the people who depend upon these resources. “Food security ties right into urban planning… [along with] sustainable development and resource management.” Surbhi plans to continue to integrate these areas of study into initiatives that address all aspects of healthy, sustainable communities.

As a leader, Surbhi is confident in her abilities and thankful for her team. She often expresses gratitude for the people who have supported her and extends recognition to the many people who are involved in the success of an initiative such as this. “Seeing all of the hard work that goes in and how many people are involved has given me such a deep appreciation for the process.”

Learn more about Farm to Campus and how you can become involved with this initiative by visiting the website below: