Y Mind - Youth Mindfulness Program

YMCA's Y Mind Program is a community-based mental wellness program for youth 18-30 with mild to moderate symptoms of anxiety. The program is facilitated by registered clinical counsellors who teach tools to manage mild-moderate stress and anxiety. After taking the program, participants report lower levels of anxiety and higher levels of overall well-being and connection to community.

Through weekly meetings over 7-weeks, participants learn healthy coping skills, connect with other youth in the community, and get support all in a safe and friendly environment.

The group provides a safe, supportive environment where youth can meet others who have had similar experiences and includes:

  • Engaging discussions about anxiety and other mental health related topics
  • Practicing evidence-based mindfulness techniques during workshops, a proven tool to help manage anxiety
  • Educational tools from Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), an evidenced-based therapy that uses acceptance and mindfulness strategies
  • Take-home resources to help manage anxiety in between weekly meetings
  • A YMCA gym membership to encourage youth to manage their anxiety through physical activity

The program is free of charge and does not require referrals. Y Mind will be offered at the SFU Surrey-TD CEC location at the City Centre Library, Room 401. For more details and to register, please contact: 604.673.6178 or youthmindfulness@gv.ymca.ca

Partners on this project:

  • SFU Surrey Campus
  • SFU Surrey TD Community Engagement Centre
  • YMCA
  • Health and Counselling (SFU)
  • Faculty of Education (M.Ed Counselling Psychology program)