Linda Van Alphen

Like many small communities in British Columbia our community is dealing with a growing senior population...

Tell us about your work in your community

“Community Advocate” - My work in the community of Summerland over the past twenty nine years has been as a passionate advocate/supporter of “all things Summerland”. From volunteering as a member of the Summerland Healthy Community Initiative, Summerland Skate Park Committee, Summerland Child and Youth Committee, Summerland Early Years Table, Summerland Women’s Opportunity Organization, Summerland Asset Development Initiative, Summerland Advisory Planning Council and the Summerland Chamber of Commerce. Since 2001, I have been fortunate to be an elected trustee on the Board of Education of SD#67 Okanagan Skaha and have supported many initiatives and chaired many committees with the goal to provide the best public educational experience to all the students in our District. In 2014, I was elected by my peers to be Chair of the Board of Education and continue to hold that position today.  

What problems are you trying to solve?

Like many small communities in British Columbia our community is dealing with a growing senior population, declining enrollment, lack of housing affordable & appropriate for young working families, lack of money to upgrade amenities for children and youth, lack of retailers willing to move into long time empty spaces in the downtown core and lack of professional staff for senior supports.  

What is the most powerful question you need to ask right now?

What would be a community project which would have a high profile and generate interest throughout the entire community? As well, how could the community be brought together to move forward in a cohesive and positive way without running into financial &/or political road blocks?

If we all worked together, what do you imagine that we could achieve in the next five to ten years?

The Big Picture in five to ten years would be the continuous sharing of best practices and projects in individual communities throughout British Columbia for the benefit of all.