Meet Our Instructors

Our instructors are accomplished CED practitioners. They share your passion for change and community development and are dedicated to your success.

Carol Anne Hilton


"Carol Anne works to incorporate an Aboriginal worldview while bringing First Nations, industry and government together."

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Anne Docherty

Making Change Happen

"Anne Docherty is one of Canada's most skilled and dedicated popular educators."

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Sean Markey

Sustainable People and Places

"Sean's research concerns issues of local and regional economic development, rural and small-town development, and community sustainability."

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Tasha Sutcliffe

Natural Resource Communities in Transition

"Tasha Sutcliffe has over 20 years’ experience in executive and program management and extensive expertise in fisheries and community economic development."

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Brian Smith

Social Innovation, Enterpreneurship & Enterprise

"Scratch beneath the surface of many of Vancouver's most transformative social enterprise and you'll find out Brian Smith was involved."

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Elvy Del Bianco

Co-operative Economics

"As Vancity Credit Union’s Program Manager for Co-operative Partnerships, Elvy works internally on disseminating knowledge of the co-operative business model to increase Vancity’s capacity to support co-ops, and externally on building partnerships and developing projects with community organizations, trade unions, governments, and others to help realize a stronger co-operative economy." 

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Karen Peachey

Design Lab for Local Economic Development

"Karen is a community planner with two decades of hands-on experience listening to and working collaboratively with clients to develop tailored planning and project development approaches."

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Jeremy Stone

Economics of Well-being and Emerging Economic Theories & Practices 

"Jeremy Stone has 15 years of community economic development experience, and has worked on various disaster recoveries including Hurricane Katrina, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the economic recovery of Lower Manhattan after 9/11, and the 2013 Colorado floods."

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Wes Regan

Economics of Well-being and Emerging Economic Theories & Practices

"Wes Regan is the City of Vancouver's Social Planner Responsible for Community Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Initiatives and the Director of Simon Fraser University's Community Economic Development Programs."

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Michael Shuman

Locanomics: Principles and Practice for Community Prosperity
(not offered 2018-2019)

 "Michael H. Shuman is one of the world's leading experts on community economics and the advantage of small-scale businesses in an era of globalization."

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Jeremy Murphy

Social Innovation Challenge
(not offered 2018-2019)

"Jeremy harnesses the creativity of crowds to achieve empowerment, two-way dialogue, democratic processes and participatory action."

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The SFU Program gave me a deeper understanding of the role of Economic Development in Sustainable Community Development. I now know that you cannot have one without the other.

Kelly Starling
Director of Economic Development, Brazeau County

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