Jeremy is an urban planner and sustainability specialist focusing on climate change planning and community development. Jeremy is a director at Sustainability Solutions Group Workers Cooperative (SSG), a pan-Canadian consulting outfit of Canada's top sustainability professionals. He is a practitioner of creative public engagement and facilitation, having hosted community planning engagement events, unconferences, free schools, democratic workshops and university courses. He has experience working with regional districts, municiplatities, communities and campuses on their growth, sustainability, climate change, and energy and emissions plans. Jeremy is a champion of empowerment, two-way dialogue, democratic processes, participatory action and plan implementation.  He believes in the power of harnessing the creativity of crowds, supporting local businesses and collaborating towards creative solutions to achieve progressive, self-sustaining local economies.  

Jeremy previously taught Social Innovation Challenge.

The program’s broad-based, grassroots approach to community economic development is extremely valuable, surprisingly innovative, and completely refreshing. Every economic development professional should take the program!

David Kalinchuk, Economic Development Manager, Rocky View, Alberta 

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