Tasha Sutcliffe has spent her life living and working in coastal BC. She has over 20 years’ experience in executive and program management and extensive expertise in fisheries and community economic development. Her work focuses on building sustainable, fair, and prosperous economies for coastal communities. Tasha currently serves as the Vice President of charitable programming at Ecotrust Canada (EC). She has managed numerous portfolios of work with EC including programs in community economic development, indigenous housing, social enterprise development, social finance, and for the past 10 years she has directed EC’s fisheries and marine programming. Prior to joining Ecotrust Canada, Tasha served for nine years as the Executive Director of the Community Fisheries Development Centre (CFsDC) in Prince Rupert, BC. In that role she built partnerships amongst industry groups, government, NGO’s, businesses, and First Nations in order to develop programs to address the severe impacts from the downsizing of the wild salmon fishery. This included strategies to create alternate and new employment, new skill development, and generating new small business opportunities as well as working to revitalize the fisheries that historically provided a foundation for community wellbeing. Tasha holds a Degree in Commerce and Entrepreneurial Management.

Tasha teaches Natural Resource Communities in Transition.

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