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Student Bursaries

The SFU Certificate Program for Community Economic Development has awarded over $120,000 in bursaries in the last ten years. These bursaries have been gernerously funded by foundations like Tides Canada as well as by credit unions in B.C. and Alberta. Many beneficiaries of these bursaries have not only improved their financial circumstances, but have also made positive contributions in their communities.

Donate to improve the accessibility of our program to students who face financial barriers.

CED Grant Fund

Over the years we have provided tens of thousands of dollars to students who are implementing their CED learning in their home communities. This money has been provided by partner institutions like Vancity as well as our generous alumni and community partners. Seed grants help our students make immediate impacts in their home communities and extend the impacts of their education into action.

Examples of previous Seed Grant recipients include Courtenay Hare for the Calgary Tool Library, Jennifer Zickerman, for the Lower Mainland Herb Growers Co-operative and Lindsay Luhnau, Calgary Seniors Aging in Place Co-operative.

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Donate to the CED Seed Grant Fund and invest in social enterprise.

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