SFU CED is hiring: Instructor fo Developing CED Accelerator Labs Course

August 01, 2021

SFU Community Economic Development is looking to fill the following positions ASAP. Please share with your networks. As always, we encourage applications from Indigenous, Black, and Communities of Color. 


Instructor: Developing Accelerators and Labs

Due to the pandemic, SFU CED has moved all of its core content online. This has included developing course videos that go through the theories and case studies of different aspects of CED. For each course we have approximately 6 hours of pre-recorded content, broken up into 12 classes each.

We are currently looking for an instructor to co-teach “CED 231: Developing Accelerators and Labs”. This course focuses on approaches to implementing social change through entrepreneurship accelerators and project labs. The market for entrepreneurship programming is actually quite thick at the moments, with many different organizations and agencies providing supports. However, CED practitioners continue to find needs for developing localized or niche programming, and also need help in understanding what makes a “good” approach. As such, this course explores the following:

  • History and context for accelerators and labs.
  • Typology of entrepreneurship programs and relevant labs for social change.
  • Basic approaches to developing local programs, including vetting the need for programs, designing program elements, funding programs, and evaluating them.
  • Case studies of accelerators and labs from various practitioners.
  • An overall appraisal of the successes and failures of this type of programming. What is the future in this space?

Ideal Applicant: We are looking for applicants with clear experience in this space who can easily and intuitively explain the concepts necessary. This would normally include:

  • Direct experience in developing or managing an accelerator, entrepreneurship program, or lab.
  • Some experience in public speaking, or just having general charisma. Filming six hours of content requires some excitement in the delivery, so people who can keep the interest high are preferred!
  • A bonus, though not required, is some experience teaching classes or facilitating workshops.

Position specifics: The following describes the relevant supports and compensation related to this opportunity:

  • This is a short-term, one-time contract position.
  • The course itself will be considered “co-taught” in the sense that we will include interviews with other accelerator and lab leaders. We anticipate the requirement for the instructor being 60% of the usual content development.
  • The contract is for designing the curriculum for the course, developing slide decks for each class within the course, and filming yourself delivering the content.
  • SFU CED will provide as much support as you need to flesh out the content and structure the curriculum. We will also provide a camera and related technology if needed. We will also do all editing and post-production of the course videos.
  • We will use the content for multiple runs of the course, so you are only required to deliver the course once. If you would like to maintain further involvement in the working directly with students (through, for example, lunch-and-learns on your topic, discussion group participation, etc., we can arrange that under separate honoraria or contracts).
  • SFU CED will own all finished video content, but your knowledge is your own, so this does not preclude you from using intellectual content you develop in other contexts.
  • Compensation is a one-time payment of $3,000, inclusive of GST. Honoraria will be provided separately for the other accelerator leaders who will be included in this course series.

If you have interest in this position, please send your CV/resume and a brief email or letter to ced_info@sfu.ca expressing your fit for the course. Please put “Instructor: Accelerators” in the subject line. We will only ask for interviews with shortlisted candidates, but will let you know if we went with another applicant. Thank you in advance!!