Welcome! Jeremy Stone, Coordinator, Professional Programs


SFU Faculty of Environment is pleased to welcome Jeremy Stone as the new Coordinator, Professional Programs. Jeremy will be coordinating the SFU Certificate Program for Community Economic Development as well as the Faculty of Environment Professional Programs through the fall semester.

Jeremy comes to SFU with over 15 years of experience in community economic development and economic resilience. Previously he has worked on Indigenous economic development with Ecotrust Canada, microfinance initiatives with Seedco Financial of New York, and rural economic development as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mongolia. Jeremy specializes in economic recoveries following disasters (including floods, oil spills, terrorism, etc.) and managed a $20MM grant and loan program following Hurricane Katrina. He holds an MPA in International Economic Development from New York University, a BA in Anthropology from Reed College where he studied the effect of 'cargo cults' on economic development in the South Pacific, and is currently working on a PhD in urban planning looking at the role of disaster recovery in the acceleration of gentrification in New Orleans, LA.

If you have questions about SFU’s professional programs, drop Jeremy a line at ced_info@sfu.ca.