Call for Instructors - CED Certificate 2019-2020

The SFU Community Economic Development program is celebrating its 30th year this year with a revamped certificate program. We are offering new classes and new versions of old classes. With that we are looking for new instructors to teach the classes during the 2019-2020 school year. Courses we are looking to fill are listed below, but a few important points include the following:

  • Online classes include 8-hours of teaching.
  • In-person classes are taught in collaboration with other instrustors over two-days. Collaborative teaching still only requires 8-hours of course material, but it is taught in conjunction with other practioners and topics. (Email us for more information.)
  • The syllabus is up to you. We can support you in developing the course content, but you can make the class your own.
  • There is no grading or post-course work. Just prepare your classes and teach. 
  • Compensation is $1,600 for the 8-hour online courses, inclusive of prep time. Compensation for in-person courses is $2,500 for the 8-hours of content and prep, plus participation through the second day.

We are looking for any applicants with genuine and deep practitioner experience in the course areas listed below. We strongly prefer and encourage applicants to apply if they are Indigenous or have considerable experience living and working in Indigenous communities. Some teaching or workshop leadership experience is preferred. We are also more than happy to hire pairs of teachers who want to teach together and share compensation.

If you are interested in any of the courses below, please send your resume/CV and a short letter-of-interest (an email is fine) to Thank you!


CED 126: Sustainable Leadership 1: Making Change Happen                      

Online (Four Tuesdays in November 2019, 10am-12pm)

CED is an approach to development that requires community participation. Involvement of community members and organizations in a range of initiatives and processes is a critical part of a healthy community economic development approach. This course explores the benefits and risks of community involvement. It also introduces a range of involvement levels from communication to consultation to participation in planning, problem solving and decision making. Participants will be encouraged to consider the most appropriate approach to involving the community for their workplace or project. The course also deals with practical issues such as communication techniques and facilitation of group processes.


CED 228: Financing CED 1: Financing CED

Online (Four Tuesdays in April 2019, 10am-12pm)

Every community and CED enterprise confronts the challenge of raising funds. The goal of this course is to provide students with the insight and knowledge required to put together a financing package for their projects. The course will focus on commercial and non-profit financing approaches (mainstream and alternative sources of debt and equity, venture capital, etc.). The essentials of balance sheets, income statements and cash flow projections will also be covered in order to understand how to position profitability or losses in discussions with financing authorities. Special focus will be paid to financing social purpose activities and Indigenous businesses.


CED 230: CED Approaches to Food                                                                           

SFU Harbour Centre (May 12-13, 2020)

Food is the essence of life, and as such it plays a central role in most economies of the world. In areas like Western Canada food is the basis for many enterprise and CED projects from Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) in First Nation territories and salmon smoking on the coasts, to rural farmers markets and food trucks in major downtowns. This course therefore explores food production and sale as a critical component of CED planning strategies, and considers the environmental, financial, policy, capacity-building, and marketing necessities for developing sustainable business environments for food.


CED 231: Developing CED Accelerators and Labs                                               

SFU Harbour Centre (May 13-14, 2020)

Entrepreneurship is a key aspect of community economic development, and there is a growing movement of organizations that are forming to support the testing of business ideas and incubation into market-ready ventures. This course surveys the environment of accelerators and labs in Western Canada, considering the strengths and weaknesses of various organizations. It also uses SFU CED's LEAP! accelerator program as a case study for successful accelerator development in rural communities and First Nations territories.