Economic Resilience in Vancouver

Economic entities play a critical role in society by creating and delivering goods and services that people depend on in their everyday lives. Food, clothes, medicine, childcare, fuel, internet, transportation, and many other necessities are provided by non-governmental entities (both for-profit and non-profit) and are highly susceptible to disruption. From floods and fires to power outages and chemical spills, there are many different hazards that can disrupt the economy, and in turn, put our lives and livelihoods in jeopardy.

However, although communities often have emergency management plans for providing response and recovery services for people or buildings, those same plans for businesses, entrepreneurs, and the workforce are largely absent. No community in the Lower Mainland has a comprehensive economic recovery plan, nor do they have full-time staff-persons dedicated to planning and preparing for economic resilience.

This project, funded by the Vancouver Foundation and carried out in partnership with LOCO BC, the Vancouver Board of Trade, Vancouver Economic Commission, and local Business Improvement Areas, seeks to engage economic stakeholders in Vancouver to bridge a gap in current resilience planning efforts, fill a critical need for the development of a set of priorities for economic resilience, develop a roadmap for engaging all stakeholders in leading their part of economic resilience, and provide a plan that can help galvanize funding and other support. During 2020 we will be holding community consultations with economic stakeholders across the city, and provide a series of recommendations to the City of Vancouver and other decision-makers to support economic resileince locally.