Economic Resilience Planning

Our Services

We offer various types of planning, facilitation, and research services. All of these are customizable to local needs.

Economic Resilience Asset Mapping

  • We work with communities to identify key economic and livelihood assets. These usually include small businesses, non-profits, infrastructure, and social capital assets that are critical to resident livelihoods. Asset mapping serves as an entry point for communities to do further planning.

Economic Resilience Planning Workshops

  • These are deep dive sessions that provide tools and strategies for economic resilience planning. We work with community-based partners to identify their resilience planning needs and facilitate community planning sessions.

Business Continuity Planning

  • We work with local EDOs and other partners to provide business continuity training sessions and planning tools for businesses in the community.

Community Engagement and Research

  • We assist partners in convening key stakeholders and the general public for roundtables, information sessions, events, and other engagement activities to explain and promote economic resilience. We also perform research, surveys, and stakeholder interviews to provide data to decision-makers for planning purposes.  

Resilience Analyses of Existing Plans

  • Although most communities have economic development and emergency management plans, very few plans contain best practices or specific elements targeting economic resilience. We work with communities to analyze their plans for resilience and identify areas where data, practices, and strategies can be integrated. 

Featured Project: Kootenays Economic Resilience Planning

  • During 2019-2020 SFU CED has been collaborating with Community Futures Central Kootenay and Selkirk's Applied Research and Innovation Centre (ARIC) to develop economic resilience plans with eight communities in the Kootenays. This planning has included intensive community engagements with each municipality or region and the development of customized plans that bridge economic development and emergency management functions locally. Our next step will focus on building a regional network between the eight communities and support the development of mutual aid agreements and regional collaboration. 

Get in Touch

We are particularly interested in supporting rural/remote communities and First Nations, and are happy to support funding and grant-writing initiatives to develop resources for planning and implementation. Feel free to contact us and propose your programmatic or funding needs related to economic resilience.