Rapid Disaster Response

We provide rapid response teams of practitioners to engage in immediate post-disaster contexts with local jurisdictions and business leaders for economic stabilization and recovery planning. With decades of combined experience between our core staff and partners, we can provide a wealth of expertise and planning supports. These may include:

  • Immediate decision-making support for leaders following disruption
  • Community assessments and engagement to determine impacts of disruption
  • Recovery planning support for short- and long-term economic triage
  • Resource planning and partnership development to fund and staff recovery efforts
  • Research services for decision-makers needing case examples and methodologies for specific recovery needs

For long-term and large-scale economic recoveries, we partner with J&M Global Solutions to deliver customized solutions at all levels of government, including local, Provincial, First Nations, and Federal. J&M Global Solutions is a recognized leader in international emergency preparedness and disaster recovery, and works closely with the US Economic Development Administration, IEDC, and others to implement economic resilience and economic recovery programming in disaster impacted communities. More information about their services and leadership can be found here: http://j-mglobal.com/