CEE Anti-Racist Pedagogies Program: Healing from Racism Journey


Healing from Racism Journey (HRJ) is a four-part asynchronous and synchronous online program designed to facilitate the journey of, initially, 12 SFU teaching faculty and sessional instructors in their commitment to anti-racist pedagogies. As a participant, you will immerse in an intimate platform for self-research, growth, and work on your ongoing practices as an anti-racist educator in terms of resisting anti-Blackness racism, anti-Indigenous racism, anti-Asian racism, and other forms of violence against IBPOC/BIPOC communities. Based on the explored antiracism frameworks and pedagogies, you will develop a plan of action for implementing strategies in your teaching practice.

The HRJ program is presented by the Centre for Educational Excellence and the SFU Library. The program organizers are planning future cohorts and will maintain waiting lists for the Spring 2022 HRJ program, which will focus on teaching staff and teaching assistants.

About the facilitators

The facilitators for the Summer 2021 cohort will be Bee Brigidi and Sarah Louise Turner from the Centre for Educational Excellence and Ashley Edwards from the SFU Library.


The HRJ program is one step, whether the first or the 100th, in your lifetime commitment to antiracist work as an educator. For the purposes of this program in particular, our first cohort is organized into four parts.

Part 1: Summer 2021—Reading Gathering 

Six synchronous, biweekly reading gatherings (1 hour and 30 minutes each) to engage with specific reading and materials, complete activities, and work together as a community of educators. 

  • Wednesdays, June 2, 16, 30; July 13 (Tuesday), 28; August 11 | 10:30 a.m.–12:00 noon

Part 2: Summer 2021—Self-Guided Work

Asynchronous, self-paced work to develop a plan of action to embed your learning experiences from Part 1 into your future teaching practice. Support will be provided through Canvas as well as consultation with CEE and SFU Library facilitators.

  • Wednesday, August 18–Wednesday, September 15

Part 3: Fall 2021—Sharing Circle

Six synchronous, biweekly gatherings (1 hour) during which two participants will share their plans, ideas, or prototype and receive feedback through an anti-racist framework (Chavez 2021). 

  • Wednesdays; times and dates to be discussed as a group

Part 4: Optional—Public Symposium

Participants will have the opportunity to mobilize their knowledge and journeys by sharing their strategies, and the work to implement those strategies, during a symposium.

  • Dates in Spring 2022 to be determined

Additional information

The HRJ program will engage with both foundational and current leading work under four basic premises (Singh 2020):

  1. Our world is steeped in racism—a system of oppression that relies on beliefs that one race or group of people is superior to another […] White supremacy is the key driver of racism and designates White people as superior to people of colour, which is just not true.
  2. Everyone learns explicit and implicit stereotyped messages in families, schools, and communities about who people of colour and White people are. People of colour have their lives limited by unjust barriers while White people participate in a system that advantages them.
  3. You can begin healing from racism through changing your individual actions and interpersonal interactions.
  4. You can step into a journey of being an antiracist: “someone who is expressing an antiracist idea or supporting an antiracist policy with their actions, and I define an antiracist idea as any idea that says the racial groups are equal” (Kendi 2019).

How to participate in the HRJ Summer 2021 cohort

To apply for the Summer 2021 cohort, please complete the online application form

Applications close on Thursday, May 20, 2021, at 11:59 p.m.

Download a PDF version of the HRJ program information.


Contact Bee Brigidi at bianca_brigidi@sfu.ca