Decolonization and Indigenization webinar series

The Many Facets of Decolonizing and Indigenizing in the Academy – Spring 2021 webinar series

This webinar series will provide insights to Indigenous and non-Indigenous educators, staff and students on “The Many Facets of Decolonizing and Indigenizing in the Academy.” The organizer of the series is firmly grounded in Indigenous knowledge(s) and the embedded teaching and learning processes, which are central to this webinar series. These webinars are intended to reflect the intent of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action and to respect the recommendations of SFU’s Aboriginal Reconciliation Council (ARC).

A critical approach to Indigenous education started in 1972 when Indigenous peoples across Canada started a movement towards “Indian control of Indian education” in response to the 1969 Liberal White Paper. This history is briefly documented here.

For decades, Indigenous scholars have worked tirelessly with critical non-Indigenous scholars to carve out a space in the Academy and to develop Indigenous theories from their unique knowledge systems, which are complex, relational and include aspects of many disciplines because of their wholistic approach. These Indigenous theories will reflect Indigenous teaching and learning practices.

This series will provide an opportunity to intersect with Indigenous knowledge(s) and explore how, when and where Indigenous ways of teaching and learning can be used in the development of curriculum for all disciplines and will enhance the learning experience of faculty, staff and students.

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On February 23, 2021, two Indigenous scholars (Lyana Patrick, Health Sciences, and Kamala Todd, Urban Studies) and one non-Indigenous scholar (Alix Shield, English, Indigenous Studies & WAC Library) will present the work they have done in decolonizing and Indigenizing the courses they teach at Simon Fraser University. Their diversified experiences, both positive and negative, in their fields will be shared. The session will have an open Q&A for registrants to address each panelist.

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