TA/TM Day: The Teaching Orientation Program

TA/TM Day is SFU’s most comprehensive orientation event for new or veteran teaching assistants and tutor-markers. Get information and advice from experienced TAs and other members of SFU’s academic community. Presented by the Teaching and Learning Centre in cooperation with the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and the Teaching Support Staff Union at SFU.

“TA/TM Day was a one-stop shop that provided me with the skills and knowledge to excel in my instructional roles at SFU.

– Jessica, BPK 

Additional information

TA/TM Day addresses teaching and technological skills that are essential for you as a teaching assistant, tutor-marker or sessional instructor. Come share your teaching strategies and best practices, your challenges and successes, your fears and concerns in a supportive environment that encourages your participation. Sessions will be facilitated by some of SFU's most experienced and skilled TAs and TMs.

TA/TM Day is presented by the Centre for Educational Excellence in cooperation with the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and the Teaching Support Staff Union at Simon Fraser University. It is held twice a year, in January (spring semester) and September (fall semester). Your time at TA/TM Day counts toward your TA/TM hours for the semester.

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E: ceeevent@sfu.ca
T: 778 782 3910

Six reasons you should go to TA/TM Day

#1 Improved tutorial skills

#2 Awareness of Canadian context

#3 Patience for international students

#4 Tips that come from experience

#5 Dealing with diversity

#6 Increased confidence