December 10, 2019

An upgraded Canvas Gradebook is coming in January

By Centre for Educational Excellence staff

On January 3, 2020, a new version of the Canvas Gradebook will make many grading and course administration tasks more flexible and efficient.

For many instructors, the Gradebook in SFU’s Canvas learning management system is a valued course administration tool. On January 3, 2020, IT Services will replace the current version of the Gradebook with an upgraded version that promises to make grading and course administration even more efficient. The new version will include a combination of new and expanded features, along with changes to the organization and appearance of the tool.

The Centre for Educational Excellence’s Learning & Teaching Technology division has posted SFU-specific documentation about the changes.

Below are selected highlights of the new Gradebook.

New features

Grade detail tray: This tool will allow graders to click through all assignments belonging to a student and easily view or change the grade, status (e.g., late, missing) or comments associated with any assignment. Alternatively, it will allow graders to browse through all students associated with a specific assignment and similarly make changes to the associated information.

Grading for late or missing work: Graders will be able to automatically apply a grade of zero to all missing assignments or deduct a specified percentage for each day an assignment is late.

Grade formats: Graders will be able to enter assignment grades as either points or percentages.

Expanded features

Sorting: Student names will be sortable by first name as well as last name.

Grade posting: Graders will have more control over how and when grades are displayed. For example, it will be possible to post grades by section and also to hide all assignment grades by default rather than hiding each assignment individually.

Arrangement and display of columns: Graders will have far more control over how columns in the Gradebook are arranged and displayed. For example, they will be able to arrange columns by assignment name or module and they will be able to filter the columns displayed by assignment group, module and/or section.

Sorting assignment grades: In addition to being able to sort assignment grades in ascending or descending order by grade, graders will be able to sort by missing and late grades.

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