August 10, 2021

Lecture recording and AV support for in-person instruction

IT Services offers automated audio and video recording of lectures in supported classrooms.

To help instructors prepare for the return to in-person learning and teaching this fall, IT Services recently shared information about technology support for classroom instruction. Here’s a summary of that information.

Recording lectures

  • IT Services uses Mediasite to offer automated scheduled recordings in supported rooms.
  • The recordings can capture the lecturer at the podium and/or any images going through the projector.
  • The recordings can be distributed through Canvas and are accessible at
  • Instructors can make adjustments to their recordings through a browser-based video editor.
  • There are also a number of lecture theatres that capture audio only; the sound recordings are automatically recorded and uploaded to

Find out how to book recording services at

Booking audiovisual equipment

  • IT Services loans laptops, wireless clip-on microphones, document cameras and other audiovisual equipment to instructors on all three SFU campuses. 
  • Note that overhead projectors have been removed from fifth-floor AQ classrooms at the Burnaby campus.
  • Note that the SFU Library loans video adapters on all three SFU campuses.

Find out how to book equipment at

Continued support for remote/online instruction

Even after the transition back to mostly in-person instruction, there may be times when classes need to take place remotely or online.


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