January 14, 2020

Photo gallery: SFU’s 24th Annual Spring TA/TM Day

Photos by Duane Woods

Though the wintry weather made travel to the Spring 2020 TA/TM Day on January 10 tricky, those who made it were treated to breathtaking views.

The weather outside may have been frightful, but the learning and teaching workshops were delightful! On January 10, 2020, graduate students braved SFU’s first major snowfall of the season to attend the 24th Annual TA/TM Day for teaching assistants and tutor-markers. Those who managed to attend the peer-led orientation sessions heard strategies and approaches for mastering their teaching support roles both inside and outside the classroom. For everyone who got stuck in a snowbank or simply couldn’t make it up the mountain, we bring you this photo recap …

Chemistry graduate student Yi Yuan shared ways to promote active learning in lab-based tutorials.

The complimentary lunch gave students time to catch up with peers from across SFU.

Although the snow was outside, some participants chose to stay bundled up even inside.

With topics ranging from decolonization to Canvas basics, workshop participants had lots to mull over.

In her Humanizing Canvas workshop, Michelle La, a sociology and anthropology student and seasoned tutor-marker, shared some of the ways she creates connections with online students.

One session focused on how to ensure that multilingual students feel welcomed and supported in their courses.

What's the best way to run a lab or facilitate a discussion? Participants gathered in groups to generate ideas and insights.

Eilidh Singh, an EAL consultant in the Centre for Educational Excellence, recorded ideas for creating inclusive classrooms.

TA/TM Day is about practical information and experience-based advice. It's always smart to keep a pen at the ready for that one great idea!

Thanks to everyone who made tracks to our first TA/TM Day of 2020!


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