February 19, 2020

Photo gallery: Talking shop at Teaching Matters

Photos by CEE staff

At a Teaching Matters session on January 20, 2020, four faculty members took part in a panel discussion about their experiences with instructor-led online courses.

Every other Monday afternoon during the spring and fall semesters, a cross-disciplinary group of faculty members and instructors gathers for informal presentations and dialogue about learning and teaching. The gatherings are part of the Teaching Matters Seminar Series, a long-standing community of practice for individuals in teaching roles. Sometimes there’s a speaker, sometimes there’s a demo, and the schedule usually concludes with a social event.

We took pictures at two recent sessions to try to capture the spirit of the series, but to really gain a sense of what goes on, you’ll have to attend a session

Panel member Sheri Fabian (criminology).

Panel member Danielle Murdoch (criminology).

Panel member Amanda Watson (sociology and anthropology).

Panel member Jessica Hunter (education).

A world café on February 10, 2020, generated ideas about formal teacher training for graduate students.

Each session offers faculty members a chance to connect with colleagues from other disciplines.

The informal nature of the gatherings means faculty members and instructors can attend whenever time and interest coincide.

One element of the group's enduring appeal is the opportunity it provides to trade teaching stories and experiences with colleagues and peers.

Veselin Jungic (mathematics), one of the organizers of Teaching Matters, moderated the January 20 panel discussion. In the background is panellist Amanda Watson (sociology and anthropology).


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