November 19, 2019

TA/TM Stories: Three new podcasts explore the teaching experiences of grad students

By Centre for Educational Excellence staff

Natalia Perez, a PhD student in geography originally from Colombia, speaks about her experience as an international teaching assistant in episode 3 of the new TA/TM Stories podcast series: "Everything is different here."

A new podcast series produced by Jackie Amsden and Duane Woods of the Centre for Educational Excellence offers first-person accounts of life as an SFU teaching assistant or sessional instructor.

Each episode in the six-part series explores a different perspective through interviews with one or two graduate students. Episodes 1 to 3, released in early November, focus on “The Move from TA to Sessional,” “Life in the Lab” and “The Experience of an International Student.” The remaining episodes will be published in December.

For faculty members, the podcasts provide insights into how they can help grad students succeed in teaching support roles. For grad students who are finding their way as TAs or sessional instructors, they offer the reassurance that others have shared and overcome the same situations and insecurities they face, and they supply helpful tips and suggestions.

Listen to episodes 1 to 3 now.

1. TA/TM Stories: The Move from TA to Sessional

With Dasha Gluhareva and Kelli Finney
“When you’re a sessional, there’s no one else. It’s just you.”

2. TA/TM Stories: Life in the Lab

With David Ester and Emily Betz
“Don’t worry about having all the answers. Just be open and forthcoming.”

3. TA/TM Stories: The Experience of an International Student

With Natalia Perez
“Everything is different here […] There are different codes, but no one really tells you what those codes are.”


Teaching Support, Student Experience, Teaching Practice