Support for assessment

Below are just a few of the assessment-related areas we can help you with:  

  • Educational goals development and assessment
  • Faculty recognition
  • Student evaluation of teaching and courses (SETC)
  • Teaching awards
  • Teaching evaluation

Resources for multi-dimensional teaching assessment

Simon Fraser University is developing a more holistic approach to teaching assessment that uses multiple forms of evidence collected over multiple time points. The following documents support this approach.

Talk to someone

For general questions about student evaluation of teaching and courses, contact

To speak to an individual, contact Kiran Bisra, Director, Learning Experiences Assessment & Planning Division: | 778 782 7138

For support in developing a multi-dimensional teaching assessment model, contact Zoe Morris, Associate Director, Educational Development, in the Curriculum & Instruction Division:


Visit the SETC website

Get information about the university’s online Student Evaluation of Teaching and Courses (SETC) program, including guidance for reading SETC reports.

Visit the faculty recognition website

Learn about the work of SFU’s Teaching Assessment Working Group (TAWG) and read the group’s final report and recommendations for recognizing and rewarding good teaching and teachers.