Media Studio

The CEE Media Studio is a new media production space where instructors can work with CEE staff to co-create video and/or audio projects that can be used in the classroom or for blended and online learning. The Studio also serves as a production space where recordings can be made of innovative applications of learning and teaching technologies.

What you can co-create in the Studio

  • video recordings
  • audio recordings
  • lightboard presentation recordings
  • recordings of simulations or staged demonstrations of instructional practices.

The Studio complements the SFU Library Media and Maker Commons. In contrast to the Media and Maker Commons, projects in the CEE Media Studio will be co-productions, requiring more specialized support from CEE staff. This co-production approach allows instructors to take their innovative media projects to a level beyond the user-generated productions that can be created in the Media and Maker Commons.

Where to start

Submit your project request here.


EDB 7619.