Support for SFU’s multilingual learning and teaching community

CEE’s English as an Additional Language (EAL) Initiatives team offers holistic support for SFU’s multilingual community under the guidance of SFU’s Coordination Committee for Services and Supports for EAL Students (CCEAL). According to the Undergraduate Student Survey 2019 Preliminary Report, 42% of SFU undergraduates speak English as an additional language, and they are an important part of every Faculty on all three campuses. The members of the EAL Initiatives team combine extensive teaching experience with expertise in course and curriculum design and delivery.

Here are some ways in which the EAL Initiatives team can help you.

Strategies and practical support 

  • Improve multilingual student engagement (face-to-face and online)
  • Connect instructors with student resources
  • Develop course-specific resources
  • Build and strengthen intercultural competencies
  • Support international teaching assistants in their roles

Workshops for teams, departments and Faculties

“Supporting Multilingual Students: Inclusive Teaching Practices and Strategies”

Instructors (including teaching assistants and tutor-markers) often face challenges related to teaching multilingual students and assessing their work. Questions arise around what constitutes appropriate feedback on language errors in term papers as well as how to increase participation in discussions. This interactive session addresses such concerns by introducing instructors to best teaching practices that support the academic success of multilingual students. 

By modelling linguistically responsive teaching and learning strategies in real time, the facilitators will lead participants through engaging activities that explore the linguistic landscape of SFU, the benefits and challenges of teaching multilingual students, classroom case scenarios, and effective approaches to teaching and learning. 

Participants will develop an appreciation of multilingual students’ linguistic repertoire, awareness and understanding of their unique needs, strategies to support their success, and knowledge of other resources and support available at SFU for multilingual students.

“Who Are Our Students? Exploring SFU Students’ Linguistic Diversity”

SFU is a community of rich linguistic diversity: approximately 42% of the university’s undergraduate students speak English as an additional language (EAL). This workshop details the linguistic diversity of SFU students and the Metro Vancouver area and explores the benefits and challenges of working within such a community. Facilitators will provide participants with information that will allow them to better understand and appreciate the multilingual nature of SFU’s students.   

Other workshops:

  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  • Leading tutorials and seminars
  • Workshops for TAs/TMs working with multilingual learners
  • Customized workshops for your context 
  • Webinars

One-on-one consultations for instructors, teaching assistants and tutor-markers

  • Marking/feedback
  • Course design
  • Assignment development
  • Assessment (re)design and development

Talk to someone

To contact Fiona Shaw, Associate Director, EAL Initiatives, use the blue “How Can We Help You?” button at the bottom of this screen.

Upcoming workshops

Recordings of past workshops

Webcast recording for Multiple Modes of Engagement and Assessment in the Remote Learning Environment (November 13, 2020)

Presentation slides for Who is SFU? A Conversation About Our Linguistic Diversity* (September 3, 2020)
*PowerPoint presentation with audio. Watch in “Slide Show” view to hear audio.

Webcast recording for Supporting Multilingual Students in the Remote Environment (November 9, 2020)

The linguistic landscape of Vancouver (click on infographic)

SFU’s diverse graduate student body (click on infographic)

SFU’s diverse undergraduate student body (click on infographic)