CELLTR Space and Place at SFU

October 24, 2014

Innovative new Centre for English Language Learning, Teaching and Research secures future space and place at SFU.

The Centre for English Language Learning, Teaching and Research (CELLTR) is excited to announce its future home on Simon Fraser University’s (SFU) Burnaby Mountain campus.

Members of the SFU community will find CELLTR on the first floor of the West Mall Centre in WMC 1390, located beside the Centre for Online and Distance Education and overlooking the PWC Canada Student Study Atrium.

Currently undergoing a redesign, the new CELLTR space aims to create a welcoming and conducive environment that will support the various English as an Additional Language (EAL) educational programming the Centre plans to offer for all members of the SFU community.

“University building design needs to give more consideration to the social underpinnings of learning. Providing welcoming and flexible spaces, including informal meeting spaces, should be seen as part of the support to learning through developing the wider learning landscape” (Learning spaces in higher education: an under-researched topic, Temple).

Based on this theory, the CELLTR design recognizes the importance of space and spatial design in the creation of innovative educational environments and will assist in effectively meeting the needs of the diverse teaching and learning populations at SFU. When completed, the CELLTR office will consist, in part, of flexible spaces to foster positive formal/informal teaching and learning, as well as foster individual and collaborative EAL support initiatives for SFU’s community.

Space updates will be posted on the CELLTR website.

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