Accessibility and community guidelines

Access Notes

We strive to make this event as accessible as possible, however we may not be able to accommodate all access needs. If you have any questions or accessibility requests, please contact Alicia Massie, Conference Coordinator.

In-person access 

Letter of support  

  • If you’re travelling internationally for Horizons, we can provide a travel support letter. To request a travel support letter, please email us by April 1, 2022. 

  • ASL interpretation will be offered by request. To request ASL, please email us by March 1, 2022.  

  • To request financial support for accommodation and travel costs, please email us. 


  • Children are welcome at the conference. We are unable to provide licensed childcare at the conference, however, if you would like support getting connected to local networks of private, independent childcare providers in the city, please email us. Note that CERi can connect individuals with potential childcare contacts for the duration of the conference, but we cannot guarantee that conference guests will connect with a local childcare provider that meets their family’s needs. We have not vetted childcare providers, we are unsure of their capacity for taking on short-term contracts, and we do not have ongoing relationships with them. The extent of our liability and insurance covers SFU conference spaces only, not outside spaces such as childcare, accommodations, tourist attractions, restaurants, etc. For more information, or if you have questions, email Alicia Massie, Conference Coordinator.

Food and beverages

  • Water, tea, coffee, non-alcoholic cold beverages and snacks will be available throughout the day. Lunch will be served each day onsite. Guests will be responsible for sourcing their own breakfast and dinner.   

  • Meat, vegetarian, vegan, nut-free, gluten-free and celiac-safe options food options will be available. If you have other dietary needs or preferences, please be sure to include this information in your registration.


  • The conference will be held at SFU Woodward’s. The building is accessible at street level on the Hastings side or via a ramp on the Cordova Street Courtyard side (across from JJ Bean Coffee). There are 2 ramp entry points, one is located against the building, near the entrance to the Woodward’s Westbank Atrium (which houses London Drugs and Nesters) and one is located against the building, beside the alley. Both the Hastings doors and the Cordova Courtyard doors can be operated by accessibility buttons located beside the doorways. 

  • There are wheelchair accessible stalls in the public washrooms and elevator access to all venues. If you have any specific accessibility questions regarding the building, please contact your event organizer. 

  • Bathrooms in the venue are gender neutral.  

  • For parking and public transit info, please see here

  • We strive for this event to be a scent-free space and kindly request that attendees refrain from using scented products such as perfume, cologne and fragrant personal care products.  

Community guidelines

Fostering safety and mutual respect is a top priority. By participating in this event, you agree to uphold the following community guidelines.

  • We are gathering in a spirit of mutual support and respect for each other. We acknowledge the diverse learning journeys we are all on.
  • We are listening to learn. We accept and expect non-closure.
  • We are leaving our assumptions at the door in order to facilitate a non-judgmental space for dialogue.
  • We don’t assume pronouns, gender, or other identifiers based on someone's name or apprearance.
  • There is zero tolerance for those promoting violence on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, or ability. Anyone inciting harm towards other participants will be removed at the discretion of our technical team and moderator.