It's not easy being a changemaker! Let's Give High School Entrepreneurs Credit

The Chang Institute and our partners know that the entrepreneurial mindset starts thriving or wilting long before university so we are delighted to be long time supporters of YELL (Young Entrepreneur Leadership Launchpad), a Canadian charity supporting the development of entrepreneurial mindset in high school by delivering programming in partnership with Entrepreneurship 12 classes across BC.

While other traditional subjects such as math and science have Advanced Placement (AP) options which can be counted toward university credit, there are limited options for programs that teach innovation or entrepreneurship skills.  At the Chang Institute and SFU, we value the cultivation of that mindset early! That's why we have partnered with YELL to become the first university in Canada to give university credit for an entrepreneurship course delivered entirely in high schools. YELL credit can be claimed by students in any faculty, either toward three credits their degree in the SFU Beedie School of Business or toward the Charles Chang Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. All students who claim the credit will automatically be enrolled in the Chang Certificate* and in entrepreneurship communications so they can immediately get immersed in the supportive SFU ecosystem.

To claim the credit, YELL grads must:

  • Be accepted to SFU 
  • Have completed YELL after September 2018
  • Have completed the related entrepreneurship 12 course with an appropriate grade (currently set at 80%)
  • Self identify to the SFU admissions team with their YELL completion certificate

SFU will take it from there!

*If students choose not to pursue the certificate, they still keep the credit


Update: Due to Covid-19 any student can ask either their Teacher or HS Counselor to email with a copy of the certificate and they will process the transfer credit.