Discovery Foundation Tech4Impact

As an agent of the Discovery Foundation the Charles Chang Institute for Entrepreneurship catalyzes a pipeline of support, inspiration and engagement around technology for impact and inclusion intended to create the technology entrepreneurs who will take on the challenges of today and tomorrow.  

In partnership with SFU’s Coast Capital Savings Venture Connection the 2020 Tech4Impact Program delivers:

  • Expansion of the highly successful Discovery Foundation Embedded Mentors program, putting mentors into interdisciplinary entrepreneurship classes and labs
  • Inspirational workshops/Design Jams linked to the above areas of inspiration, where possible tied to challenges posed by industry partners
  • Accessible, online mentoring to the university community through Mentor Meet and SPARK
  • Integration of young entrepreneurs into an R&D Management symposium to witness cutting edge thinking on new models and policy, with follow-on workshop to codify these learnings.
  • Continued commitment to achieving gender parity on speaker panels, embedded mentors and workshop delivery.

Created to promote and support British Columbia’s high tech research and development industry, Discovery Foundation, a registered charity, facilitates innovation by delivering The Technology Education Program (TEP).  Together the Chang Institute and Venture Connection’s programs have benefited from over $400,000 through the foundation's TEP since 2010.

See the program announcement here.


Past Events

Past Events