Roland Pomeroy

Professor Emeritus

Areas of interest

Inorganic Chemistry


  • B.Sc. (ARCS) - Imperial College, London
  • Ph.D. - University of Alberta


  • 1990 Simon Fraser University Excellence in Teaching Award


Complexes with Dative Transition Metal-Transition Metal Bonds

In these complexes an 18-electron organometallic compound acts as a two-electron donor ligand toward a 16-electron organometallic fragment via an unbridged, donor-acceptor (dative) metal-metal bond

(e.g., (Me3P)(OC)4Os→W(CO)5).  These complexes were first discovered in my laboratory.  My group was concerned with the synthesis of new complexes of this type and the fundamental chemistry they exhibit.

Osmium Cluster Chemistry

Except for ruthenium, osmium forms more carbonyl cluster compounds than other transition metal.  My group's efforts were concerned with the systematic synthesis of Os carbonyl clusters (e.g., Os4(CO)16, Os5(CO)18), their characterization and the study of their properties, especially the remakable nonrigidity many exhibit.


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