Fall 2013 Chemistry Undergraduate Research Presentation Award

March 25, 2014

A message from Dr. Monica Szczepina, Undergraduate Student Advisor:

I have the pleasure of announcing that Clayton Schultz has won a travel award for his Chem 481 presentation given on December 10 2013.

The department will contribute towards travel and conference expenses ($500) when Clayton presents his research at a recognized conference.

Clayton presented his Chem 481 work titled "Optimizing Silver Staining for use in Bioassays" (supervisor: Dr. Yu).

Honorable mentions go to:

David Ester who presented his Chem 481 work titled "Investigation of Symmetry Effects on Liquid Crystal Phases" (supervisor: Dr. Williams). David is a previous winner of this award.
Thomas Domingo who presented his Chem 482 work titled: "Sources of Radiation in the Environment and the Equilibrium of Decay Chains"  (supervisor: Dr. Starosta).

Excellent work to all of our presenters.