SFU Success at 8th Annual VIVA NMR Symposium

August 11, 2014

A Message from Dr. Steven Holdcroft, Department Chair:

Congratulations to the students and post docs from SFU's Department of Chemistry who did an outstanding job of presenting their research results at the 8th Annual VIVA NMR symposium at UBC on Friday August 8th.

Clara Aupic (Pinto Group) took the prize for best poster:
Quantitative determination of fructose tautomers in wine by 13C NMR spectroscopy

Kevin Bozek (Williams Group) won the prize for best oral presentation for his talk entitled:
Investigating the π-π Stacking Interactions of Linked Discotic Liquid Crystals

The 9th VIVA NMR Symposium will be hosted at SFU next summer by Dr. Andrew Lewis.