2015 Poster Competition Winners

October 13, 2015

A message from Dr. Michael Eikerling, Graduate Program Chair:

The winners of our 2015 Chemistry Poster Competition are

Matthew Alteen (Vocadlo)
Thomas Domingo (Starosta)
Mohammad Eslamibidgoli (Eikerling)
David Ester (Williams)
Thomas Skalski (Holdcroft)
Chen Zhang (Storr)

Honorable mention: Mahdi Ghelichi (Eikerling)

Congratulations to all of you and thanks for your outstanding contributions!

On behalf of the DGSC, I would like to thank all participants for the excellent quality of research displayed on posters and the lively discussions on the hallways! A special thanks to John Thompson and members of the graduate student caucus for their support in organizing and running this event. The industrial speaker seminar, organized by John, was a great success and it should become a regular event accompanying the poster competition in the future. 

A special thanks to Nathalie Fournier for her invaluable organizational effort.