Mike Adamski Receives Governor's Gold Medal

June 09, 2020

As one of SFU's most outstanding graduate students from the Faculty of Science, Dr. Mike Adamski is being recognized with the Dean of Graduate Studies Convocation Medal. On behalf of SFU, we congratulate Dr. Adamski on his outstanding achievements.

Dr. Mike Adamski combines his passion for organic chemistry and the environment in his doctoral dissertation, Synthetic design and development of proton conducting polyphenylenes for electrochemical energy conversion devices, which focuses on implementation of a hydrogen-powered, clean energy economy through design of new functional materials.  

During his PhD research, Mike invented a series of advanced plastics for next-generation, renewable energy technologies. His work is published in numerous high impact academic journals which collectively showcase a new class of materials with improved stability and performance over current standards in hydrogen fuel cells.

In addition, Dr. Adamski’s work is patented and licensed by SFU for large scale production and commercialization, which places SFU at the forefront of this impactful technology. He continues to lead the development of these materials, contributing to global clean energy efforts and carbon dioxide reduction initiatives.

Dr. Steven Holdcroft, a professor of Chemistry at SFU and Dr. Adamski’s PhD supervisor recognizes Dr. Adamski’s exceptional work. “His talent is evidenced by the numerous, highly competitive institutional scholarships and awards he received throughout his degree and his truly outstanding collective academic output.”

Says Adamski, “My time at SFU was fantastic, thanks in no small part to my supervisor Prof. Steven Holdcroft, the Holdcroft lab group, as well as my colleagues in the department of Chemistry. I was given many opportunities for learning and personal development over the past four years which culminated in a unique graduate school experience that I likely wouldn’t have had anywhere else.”

Dr. Adamski looks forward to continuing his collaborations with industrial and academic partners to improve and commercialize the ground-breaking materials he helped invent, seeking to advance their universal application and reduce our global carbon footprint. 


Written by Candice Chic