Spring 2020 Graduate Oral Presentation Competition

February 07, 2020

A message from Dr. Krzysztof Starosta, Graduate Program Chair: 

It is my great pleasure to announce the winners of the Spring 2020 Chemistry Oral Presentation Competition:

  • Maryam Bari (Supervised by Z. Ye)
  • Khrystyna Herasymchuk (Supervised by T. Storr)
  • Kevin Ortner (Supervised by C. Andreoiu)
  • Garrett Muir (Supervised by R. Britton)
  • Abdul Rehman (Supervised by E. Plettner)
  • Frank Wu (Supervised by K. Starosta)
  • Nas Yousefi (Supervised by L. Kaake)
  • Carson Zellman (Supervised by V. Willams)

Please join me in congratulating them for their outstanding contributions!

Since the quality of presentations was exceptional this year, the DGSC has decided to allocate a total of 8 Travel Awards valued at $1,000 each. 

Thank you to all graduate students who presented their research and contributed to this important event in our department life.