Summer 2020 Chemistry Undergraduate Research Presentation Awards

August 21, 2020

A message from Evon Khor, Undergraduate Advisor:

I have the pleasure of announcing the following students who have won the Summer 2020 Chemistry Undergraduate Presentation Awards for their work presented on August 17, 2020. Monetary prizes ($250 for research seminars - CHEM 481/484 - and $100 for CHEM 482) will be awarded to the winners.

Catherine Shin presented her Chem 481 work titled "A New Feature Found in the Second Coordination Sphere of Met-ligated Copper Proteins" (supervisor: Dr. Jeffrey Warren).

Saeid Farzaneh presented his Chem 484 work titled "Ruthenium Organometallic Analogues of the Chemotherapeutic Tamoxifen" (supervisor: Dr. Charles Walsby).

Brooke Reid presented her Chem 482 work titled "Encouraging Academic Momentum Through Chem 332" (supervisor: Dr. Jeffrey Warren).

Jeffrey Cheung presented his Chem 482 work titled "Coordination Chemistry of Extended Network Structures" (supervisor: Dr. Daniel Leznoff).

Sam Wang presented his Chem 482 work titled "Roles of Additives in Improving Performance Merits of Gel Polymer Electrolyte" (supervisor: Dr. Byron Gates).

Excellent work to all of our presenters!