Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral Fellows are valued members of the university community.

As a postdoctoral fellow, you will be able to broaden your research expertise, build associations with established researchers and strengthen your publication record, thereby enhancing your future employment opportunities. You have the opportunity to make significant contributions to your chosen field, the University, faculty researchers and graduate students.

You will have completed a doctoral degree, normally within the previous five years, and you are planning to undertake additional advanced research at Simon Fraser University. You will be working in association with one or more SFU faculty members for a limited period of time, usually one to three years.

International Postdoctoral Fellows

All New Postdoctoral Fellows

Submit Your Appointment and Payroll Forms to the Department Manager

Fill out and submit the following forms to Lesley Butler, Manager, Academic & Administrative Services, who will set you up with payroll:

Visit the Chemistry Department Orientation Page

The Department of Chemistry has set up an orientation page containing useful information that will help you get started. Click here to be redirected.


Visit the Graduate Studies & Postdoctoral Fellows website to view additional resources available to postdoctoral fellows.