• Students should provide the most up-to-date copy of their transcript. In a given term, unless the student has changed programs, transcripts can be reused on successional visits to the advisor. If the student has obtained new grades since their last visit, they should provide an updated copy of their transcript.
  • Hard (paper) copies are preferred. Electronic copies (displayed on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone) are also acceptable. If you cannot print a copy or do not have an electronic device to display your transcript on, you may email a PDF copy to the advisor <chemadv@sfu.ca> before your visit

Step 1: Log in to the Student Information System (goSFU)

Step 2: Select Transcript: Advising from the drop-down menu and continue

Step 3: Make sure it's sorted by Both then continue

Step 4: Wait a minute or two then click refresh until the View PDF link is available