Launching an AEM Site

Following are the recommended steps for successfully launching your AEM site:

1.  Preparing for Your Site Launch

Site Administrators and Authors need to complete the following prior to the launch:

  • Check all site content for accuracy and completeness. This is particularly important if your site was migrated by a co-op student or a contractor.
  • Activate all content to be viewable by site visitors, including all digital assets, i.e. images, PDF documents, tags, etc. and pages. See activating AEM assets and activating AEM pages for more information.
  • Preview your site to check for typos, missing images, broken links, etc.

Note: It is important to activate all of the pages to be viewable by site visitors, including the Site Configuration page. In order for the left hand navigation to work properly, the Site Configuration page must be activated.

2.   Co-ordinating Your Site Launch

The CMS Team requires a minimum of 5 working days' advance notice (1 week's notice is preferred) to launch a typical site, i.e. a site launched under However, as site complexity can vary, it's good practice to co-ordinate your initial site launch with the CMS team as early as possible.

Some examples of non-typical sites that require additional time and planning are sites that:

  • launch under custom domains, e.g., and/or
  • require special arrangements for redirects from canonical or legacy URLs, integration/maintenance of non-AEM content from older systems, or other actions that require manipulation of non-AEM web spaces (e.g. WebDAV, home directory space, proxied sites).

Site Administrators can co-ordinate their site launches by emailing the CMS Team with their planned launch date together with their site's specific requirements. This will initiate a conversation to ensure a smooth site launch.

3.   Requesting Your Site Launch

Site Administrators can contact the CMS Team via the Launch My AEM Site form to request a go-live date. You will be providing the following:

  • Name and email
  • Website name
  • Website URL
  • Website redirects, i.e. any URL(s) on your old website that you wish to preserve on your new website. For example, URL's you have advertised in print material.
  • Preferred launch date and time.

The CMS Team will then check for any issues. If no issues are found, the CMS Team will notify the Site Administrator of the scheduled launch date.