CNHR Researchers in the Media

Global News: M7 Earthquake in Alaska

December 2018 - Brent Ward

CBC The National: Climate change could wake up Canada's dormant volcanoes

December 2018 - Glyn Williams-Jones & Gio Roberti

CBC The National: Yukon glaciers and what they say about climate change

October 2018 - Gwenn Flowers

CBC The Current: Canada has dormant volcanoes. Climate change could wake them up

May 2018 - Glyn Williams-Jones

CBC The National: Kilauea volcano eruption would be extremely hazardous

May 2018 - Glyn Williams-Jones

630 CHED: You can't stop lava: Hawaii's Kilauea volcano

May 2018 - Glyn Williams-Jones

Resources for Future Generations conference

November 2017 - Glyn Williams-Jones

CBC The Current: Extremely dangerous': Unclouding the threat of Bali's Mount Agung volcano

November 2017 - Glyn Williams-Jones

CTV News: Earthquake in Taiwan

February 2018 - Brent Ward

CBC The Current: Deadly mudslides in California

January 2018 - Brent Ward

Lava lake laboratory

July 2017 - Glyn Williams-Jones

Mr Meager - The Mount Meager project

March 2017 - Gio Roberti

My Favourite Mountain

December 2016 - John Clague

CBC Quirks & Quarks: The Future of Fresh Water

February 2015 - Diana Allen

Global News: SFU geologist re Port Hardy earthquake

April 2014 - Brent Ward

Magnitude 9: The Largest Earthquakes on Earth Happen in BC

February 2014 - John Clague

Increasing Risk from Natural Disasters in the Twenty-first Century

June 2010 - John Clague

Glacier and ice-sheet dynamics in a warming world

April 2008 - Gwenn Flowers