For Students

The Centre's projects help to build capacity and leadership through education, mentoring and networking. The Centre involves students in a variety of ways: research and writing, paid and voluntary work, participation in dialogue, paper and poster presentations.


Students have the opportunity to network with other students and researchers, faculty from other institutions, community groups and prospective employers in their respective fields of research. In dialogues the Centre tries to ensure that participants represent a cross-section of senior, mid-career and early career professionals from all sectors. Success stories about engaging communities are shared and include observations about challenges and enablers in an effort to promote an environmental and/or stewardship ethic. This knowledge mobilization and network support empowers students.

Student Bursaries

The Centre also provide student bursaries to attend in-house conferences as well as travel and registration support for participation in external workshops and conferences at local, national and international levels when funding is available. In addition, the Centre facilitates procurement of research funding from partners and provides seed funding for community outreach projects when possible.

Student Scholarship

The Centre for Coastal Science and Management is pleased to offer the Coastal Zone Canada (BC) Assn. Graduate Scholarship in Coastal Studies. This scholarship is awarded annually to a student affiliated with the Centre and conducting research on community-based approaches to coastal management issues within BC.