Alexandra DeForge, Philosophy

Fact: My t-shirt says "Justice Rocks"

I am a fourth year undergraduate currently doing my Philosophy Honours Degree at SFU. Studying philosophy means that I often find my interests pulled in many different directions at once. I was originally drawn to philosophy because its academic field is so intensely interdisciplary. We are trained to draw from the strengths and research of other fields, so this This President's Dream Colloquium series was the perfect opportunity to test my mettle as a science-aware philosophy student.

A bit about me: I have spent the last five years (two years out of school and three since my triumphant return to university) working as an organizer and fundraiser for various non profits and socialist polticial organizations. My philosophy honours work follows suit and focuses on ethics. I am interested in naturalistic origins of normativity, the connection between the deterministic universe and moral responsibility, political philosophy, and the justifications of criminal punishment. When I am not making alternate plans to join the circus (I have recently taken up aerial silks), I am usually chugging coffee and have my nose in a book, newspaper or journal. 

I enrolled in this colloquium series primarily because I watched too much Star Trek as a kid. Since then, the origins of life have become a hobby interest of mine. I have also had the opportunity to study Philosophy of Science and Philosophy of Mind, so I came to this class excited to be collaborating with science students in person.