David MacKinnon

My name is David MacKinnon.  I am an honours undergraduate student in the philosophy department.  I am also a writer, a snowboarder, and the co-founder of an organization called Beyond Boarding, which is dedicated to spreading passion for environmental and social work throughout the snowboarding community.

I enrolled in the President's Dream Colloquium seeking new perspectives on the human experience, and I am happy to say that participating in the program gave me a renewed appreciation for scientific approaches to the philosophical questions that I have found most interesting during my undergraduate degree.  Over the course of the term, I was challenged to check my ideas against a rigorous web of scientific arguments, and noticed changes in my beliefs about the phenomenon of life.  I feel that the colloquium exposed me not only to fresh ideas, but to new colleagues, resources, and strategies that will strengthen my future work.

Moving forward from the President's Dream Colloquium, I have two projects: developing Beyond Boarding, and writing a short novel called Vivid.  My work with Beyond Boarding will include doing social work in Vancouver, raising money to support a community in Peru called BelĂ©n, and learning about First Nations and environmental issues in BC.  My book is a practical exercise in existentialism, a work that I think of as a companion guide to those in the human condition.  Its content draws heavily on my interest in the philosophy of mind and perception, as well as those experiences in my life that have made me feel overwhelmingly human.  I'm sure that those who have paid close attention to this colloquium will see Vivid betray my sympathy for some of the ideas presented this past fall.

For more information about Beyond Boarding, please visit out website at www.beyondboarding.org or like us on Facebook at Beyond Boarding.  For more information about Vivid, please e-mail me at dnmackinnon@gmail.com.